These Pokémon Sex Toys Will Make You Want To Get Off On ‘Em All

The Poké-fever is still going strong, especially wake the recent Pokémon Detective Pikachu of all the new Pokémon games announced by Nintendo earlier this week. How about some Pokémon sex toys to keep you busy while waiting for Pokémon Sword & Shield to release on the Nintendo Switch?

These adult toys, collectively dubbed Pokémoan, are produced by the ever-creative Australian sex toy maker Geeky Sex Toys. They are made in the image of some of the four starter Pokémon that first featured in the very first series of Pokémon games.

There are four iterations of the Pokémoan sex toys, three of which are dildos: Charmy (Charmander), Bulby (Bulbasaur), and Squirty (Squirtle). The fourth, Piky, is a butt plug, so your posterior can resemble that of the iconic electric mouse.

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The Pokémon sex toys join an already impressive lineup of similar effects inspired by pop culture, such as Star Wars and Avengers.

Just as Pokémon entered the hearts of our fond collective childhoods, they can now enter our bodies in a similar fashion. Your mileage may vary on that second part, though. It just depends on how hardcore of a Pokéfan you are.

Will you get off on ’em all?

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