Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker


Powered by the (magnetic) Force, this self-floating, glow-in-the-dark wireless Bluetooth speaker will add experience points to your geek level.

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Bluetooth speakers are aplenty. Floating orbital speakers are also a common sight. But a Death Star levitating speaker? Now that’s a centrepiece worthy of your geek outfit.

Bring this levitating speaker home. Take a video of it rotating and belting out the Imperial March. Upload it to your Instagram, add #StarWarsGeekToy hashtag and see comments of envy as fellow Star Wars fans gush over this unbelievable cool Death Star. Because once they see the magnificence of a floating Death Star, hovering above the Galactic Empire insignia, it’s hard to stop them from going OMGWTF-I-want-one-now!

Compatible with almost any Bluetooth-enabled devices (including iOS, Android, PC, Mac), the dgpower Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker does more than sing a fine Star Wars tune for you. Pair it with your smartphone and you could use it as a handsfree device too. Switch on its internal LED lights and you have yourself a night light, doubling as an alarm clock once it streams your morning alert from your smartphone at the crack of dawn.

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Size: 95mm x 95mm
Weight: 280g
Speaker: 5W (1Khz)
Bluetooth: 3.0
Wireless range: 8—10m
Battery: Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery, 1000mAh
Play time: About 8 hours with half volume; 5 hours with maximum volume
Stay by time: About 40 hours (No matching state)

Size: H150mm x 31.5mm
Weight: 600g