Tie-ins are pretty much part and parcel of every marketing campaign, especially so if you have a blockbuster on your hands. Pacific Rim is no different from any other. Marketing is just the name of the game.

Sadly, it's pretty uninspiring, simply promo pics pasted on
Sadly, it’s pretty uninspiring, simply promo pics pasted on.

After seeing how Singapore was getting their own Pacific Rim themed EZ-Link cards (EZ-Link cards are used when riding on the transport systems in Singapore; similar to that of UK’s Oyster or Hong Kong’s Octopus cards), it got me thinking how many other tie-ins did Pacific Rim actually work itself into.

So let’s start with the best shall we?

The Heavy Hitters


This form of merchandise would be the perfect fit. Giant robot versus giant monster or, more accurately, Kaiju, can only be recreated with physical, pose-able figurines! Releasing only in waves, the first line-up features 3 figures, Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon and Knifehead made by NECA. I don’t have the physical toy on hand but I found this awesome video that describes the official toys perfectly.


Not as much articulation as most toy fans would like but I guess it does the job. I’m definitely going to get a set of these right now!


A movie is only as good as its soundtrack. Having the tunes of the show while on the go would be the best way to relive the iconic and action packed moments from the movie. You won’t need to rush out to grab the physical CD now when there’s YouTube.


Jaeger Designer

The country that you reside is not represented in the movie? Screw that! Create your country’s very own Jaegar with Warner Brother’s very own Jaeger Designer! Create your own specialized Jaeger with up to four design options that include Country, poster background, a personalized name and the physical condition of the Jaeger itself.

“Damn, the colonies are stealing the limelight!”
temasek titan pacific rim singapore
We claim no credit to this brilliant piece of work by Chris. Source: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/pacific-rim-custom-singaporean-jaeger-4302433.html

Talk about immersion!

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The Middle Weights

Pacific Rim – Training Day

Produced under the blessings of Warner Brothers and Guillermo Del Toro, Training Day featured popular YouTubers such as HuskyStarcraft & TotalBiscuit as new Jaegar pilots who were picked for their renowned video gaming skill. The video is worth watching till the very end as we witness an epic homage to Power Rangers. Apparently while in its production, fans were able to directly choose which weapon each Jaegar was able to use in each fight scene. You can’t get any more involved than that.


Comic books!

A commonly used vehicle these days, a graphic novel is an excellent way to flesh out the narrative of the movie due to time constraints of the main product. Like many other graphic novels, Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero is a prequel to the events of the actual Pacific Rim movie and features many key characters from the film. The graphic novel gives readers an opportunity to follow them in their early careers.

Pacific Rim Tales From Year Zero gipsy danger

In case a comic book isn’t exactly your choice of reading material, there’s always Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization.

And if words aren’t your preferred medium, there’s always the requisite art book Pacific Rim: Man, Machines, and Monsters.



The Pushovers

Video Games

Sadly, the developers could have really done a fine job with this aspect. In line with action figures, video games would be the next best medium to channel the show. After all, it is not the first time that a robot versus giant monster video game was created. We could have gotten something like this, a wrestling style video game like King of Monsters for the SNES


But instead we got a more uninspired Tekken style brawler. While the genre is not a bad fit, the move set for the Jaegars and Kaiju looks more like a button mash fest. Disappointing as illustrated by the folks at Giant Bomb.

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There is a mobile game as well but that is another Infinity Blade clone, I won’t even bother linking it. All that potential gone to waste. Could the developers have been faced with really unrealistic deadlines to produce something that I feel is not exactly worthy to the show.

I’m sure there are plenty of localized tie-ups out there around the world and I hope that you could share it with us in the comments!


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