Get Your Manhood Sorted With The Mazinger Z And Getta Robo Tenga Sex Toys

When you can’t contain your undying love and passion for Super Robot Wars, what do you do? Surely, there needs to be an outlet for all that intense geeky robot love, right?

As it turns out, there is such a way. Ever heard of Tenga? If not, they’re Japan’s biggest manufacturer for geeky masturbatory aids. Their male sex toys look like this:

In their latest product lineup, they’ve gone above and beyond to bring the Mazinger Z and Getter Robo franchises in a way you can directly show your love.

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Just know that these Tenga Robos aren’t exactly for use; they’re intended solely for display.

The first of these two is the Mazinger Tenga Robo, which takes cue from the popular 1972 mecha anime series, Mazinger Z, and have redesigned their classic Tenga Robo mascot with the iconic black-red-white colours.


It even has the Jet Scrander rocket-powered wings for the hell of it.


And what is a mecha anime series without a ginormous robo rocket fist? The limited-edition deluxe set for the Mazinger Tenga Robo comes with the Rocket Punch fist, which is essentially the base Tenga sex toy body, outfitted with a detachable fist, so you can display it like a regular toy when you’re not expressing your love for it.

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The second is the Getter Tenga Robo from the 1974 Getter Robo series.

Taking cue from the original Getter-1, which sports the Getter Wing cape and Getter Tomahawks, which is nice if you consider having bladed weapons close to your manhood stimulating to you.

The Mazinger Tenga Robo and the Getter Tenga Robo are available for pre-order online between August 29 – October 9, 2019 on the Tenga website, and are priced at ¥4,500 (Approximately US$42) each, and will begin shipping in February 2020. The Rocket Punch Mazinger Tenga Robo will go for ¥6,400 (Approximately US$59).

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