The Jawbone MINI JAMBOX is by far the prettiest mobile speaker that I’ve held in my hands. I will go as far to say it’s the iPhone amongst all the mobile speakers out there. Housed in an aluminum uni-body casing, the MINI SCREAMS out to be touched and caressed. However, pretty things never come with a tiny price tag, seeing the number of BEATS earphones dangling out of many an individual’s ear, though I guess price is never a problem.

Touch me all over!

Being the third in the JAMBOX series, the MINI has much to live up to. I have possessed the original JAMBOX for the past 2 years now and found that the MINI continues to deliver its core function: to pump out the most crisp sounding audio possible. Jawbone attempts to break the laws of physics here but with a small package such as the MINI, it would be hard to expect the exact same levels afforded by its bigger brothers. The sound is still as wonderful as we should all come to expect from all Jawbone products but the MINI might have fallen a tad short in this aspect. There are a few speakers out there in the market that are of similar stature but are able to deliver better all-round sound.

Tagging along to the ends of the earth

Portability is the biggest strength when it comes to the MINI. In my entire test, the MINI has been able to deliver a full 10 hours of battery life or more as advertized at 50% volume. Rarely do we see gadgets these hit their advertized figures on the box without a few caveats in tow. Combine impressive battery life with small form and you would have the perfect mobile speaker to bring around to any party. Charging the MINI is a breeze as it accepts the commonly found mini-USB.

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Sitting snug as a bug next to the Nexus 7
Good attempt, now let’s work at getting those updates streamed in direct

I had brought the MINI on a recent holiday and found that it sat pretty snug in my sling bag. Considering that a mobile speaker usually would not the on the top “must-have” gadgets to lug on a holiday, the MINI JAMBOX goes along for the ride simply because it really doesn’t take up that much space at all.

Dimensions wise the MINI is about 1.5 iPhone 4s in length and its thickness is exactly 2 iPhones stacked on top of each other.

The Companion App

Most of us live with our devices these days and Jawbone has brought much needed updates to its app. Being able to login and control your Spotify account without having the actual Spotify app installed is cool but I don’t foresee such a scenario happening that often. In addition, the app attempts to handle notifications and calendar alerts; features that are more “nice-to-haves” as opposed to “must-haves”, over the air firmware updates would be great through and would be awesome to impressive your friends with.


Jawbone refreshes its much loved JAMBOX line with a labour of love and it really is a beauty to look at. Cool to the touch, the MINI tries to start a blazing fire but manages to fuel a simple flame instead. Compared to its elder brothers, the MINI is limited by its minute stature for it to reach its maximum potential. Has Jawbone discovered the lower limit to how small mobile speakers are able to go? Perhaps so but all-in-all the Jawbone MINI JAMBOX is still a solid product for anyone who is constantly on the go and would love to whip out a speaker at a moment’s notice.

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