Max Marulli de Barletta’s Small World is currently giving away a custom made Game of Thrones inspired “The Climb” mini diorama sculpture. Want to try your luck at winning it? Simply head to this Facebook post, LIKE his Facebook page, and SHARE the post for a chance. The lucky winner will be picked on 3 April 2014.

Max has been making geeky things for years most identifiable of which are the plethora of micro sculptures for private clients. From the highs of zombie apocalypse to the norms of wedding and custom pieces based on photographs of normal every day events, he makes each piece with card, paper, glue, paint, resin, and a plethora of other mixed media to create unbelievably detailed 3D dioramas, of whatever his clients demand.

He has recently taken to painting the likes of Jon Snow and others from Game of Thrones as he recreates famous scenes from the hit TV show in amazing miniature scale. Having a love for the show himself he decided to make one of his favourite scenes and give it away to the fans and clients that have inspired him so much over the last year (hit the link above). Scroll down for more photos of the mini diorama.

Drop a Facebook comment below!

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