Eye-catching Wearable LEDs That Let You Live Out Your Cyberpunk Fantasies

Whether for enhancing our gaming experience, making us look cooler or for catching someone’s attention, LEDs are fascinating add-ons to our daily lives. 

These days, LEDs are not just restricted to our cars or computers. We can now put on wearable LEDs, and they not only look good but are functional as well. Here’s a look at some wearable LEDs that you never knew you needed.

Customizable RGB LED Music Face Mask 

Be the light of any party with this music color-changing mask!This cloth mask has sound-sensitive LED lamp beads which…

Posted by The Geek Trove on Friday, April 2, 2021

Put on your face mask, but make a statement, literally. This RGB LED Music Face Mask works like a proper mask but is inserted with a music-sensitive LED strip that can display text and light patterns. With an app, you can display pre-set graphics, animation or the time. If that’s not enough, you can even display music-sensitive waveforms and patterns. 

Perhaps the best bit about the mask is that you can even flex your creativity by creating your own designs and have them appear on the mask. If you are tired of the same generic mask day in and out, this may be a good investment. The mask is washable and allows filters to be inserted for that extra protection.

Weapons HUD LED Visor

We may not be able to party or attend cosplay events anytime soon, but we still can look fabulous. This LED Visor makes the perfect accessory for a photoshoot. Choose from seven colours and three lighting modes, and light up your photos with it.

Legendary RGB LED Visor

Up your Instagram video game with this cyberpunk-inspired RGB LED Visor. You can display pre-set or customized graphics, animations and text via an easy-to-use app. 

Beyond that, you can also sync music to the animation on the Bluetooth visor. 

Luminous LED Shoe Clip

Love to jog at night? Then you’ll need to get these luminous LED Shoe Clip. The clips are designed to clip onto the back of any shoe easily and are great as decorative items or to enhance safety when running at night. 

If you don’t feel like clipping them on your shoes, you can put them on as a bracelet as well..

Luminous Shoe Laces

These shoelaces have pretty much the same function as the shoe clips. Available in nine colours and four modes, they actually make a delightful concert or party accessory as well. You can use the laces in creative ways, such as tying them around your wrist, or around your neck like a necklace.

EL Motorcycle Helmet Light Strip

Riding through the streets at night is now cooler and safer with these easily-to-apply helmet light strips. Waterproof and lightweight, it illuminates even when in the rain, making it easier for other drivers on the road to spot you. 

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