Highlights From Ubiday 2018: Cosplay, Merchandise, And Esports!

A day of all things Ubisoft and great fun.

Blizzard’s Overwatch Gets An Official LEGO Bastion!

The first of many to come!

Walmart Wants Your Geek Money With Their New Collectibles Section

Milk, paper towels, brake fluid, light bulb, medication, and oh yes, also the Walmart Exclusive Thanos Funko figure.

Indulge Your Love For Masters of the Universe With These He-Man Figures!

Masters of the Universe, but also the masters of our geeky adult hearts – and wallets, too.

Keep Calm And Tracer On With Overwatch LEGO!

Tracer's LEGO figure revealed, and she's heart-meltingly adorable.

First Looks: Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series Bumblebee MPM-7

A Bumblebee with over 10 die-cast parts and 26 points of articulation? Yes please.

Experience Tranquility With This Highly Articulate Zenyatta Figma Figure

Now Zenyatta can pose like one of your french girls.

Building The Weekly Back to the Future 1:8 Scale Replica DeLorean – Is It Worth It?

Are you prepared to wait over two years to complete the model?

Getting To Know Tiny Ghost With Creator Reis O’Brien

The overly large noggin and gigantic eyes peering right at you - if Bimtoy's Tiny Ghost reminds you...

Thai Toy Photographer Imagines Spider-Man In Ways You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Looking for a comic artist to draw us a comic of Spider-Man riding a giant cat now.

Art And Toys Collide At Raffles City x Action City: ArtToys Invasion

Collectible, one of a kind toys, all designed by local and Asian artists.

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2018: Toys Edition

It's toys as far as the eye can see.