M.A.S.K. vehicles in the Real World

Looks like Matt Trakker is parked below a block of HDB flats in Singapore.

Amazing LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama

Get a load of this action-packed custom LEGO diorama by Korean professional LEGO building team, OliveSeon.

Huck Gee, Jason Freeny and Agnes Garbowska are all making their way to STGCC!

New guest artists, DJ's and more special SG50 collaborations have been added to an already stellar line-up.

LEGO SG50 Minifigure, anyone?

More Singapore nation building love from LEGO.

Introducing PLAYe, the Game Changing Platform for Toys and Games

PLAYe, a 3-in-1 online-mobile-offline platform that will transform the way games and collectibles will be marketed, distributed and...

Mission Success: LEGO Singapore Rebuild Your Memories

LEGO, the only kid's toy, outnumbered by Adult fans

It’s time for these 9 toys and cartoons from the 1980s to stage a comeback

M.A.S.K. is coming back this year, and it got us thinking about other toys and cartoons from the...

Hasbro is bringing MASK back!

If you’re a child of the 80s like I am, then the biggest news of the day is...

Adi Granov, Jim Cheung and Stella Chuu are coming to STGCC 2015

So far STGCC is lining up to be another great event for geeks around the region.

Take a Peek at the New LEGO X-Wing Fighter & Millennium Falcon

New and updated X-Wing and Millennium Falcon!

First Peek at the New Star Wars BB-8 Toy by Sphero

Do you accept credit card?

Capcom’s Official Mega Man Helmet is Wearable!

Are you a Mega Man fan? Now you are one step closer to becoming Mega Man, with a...