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Never Stop Hunting In Real Life With These Monster Hunter World Ties

You can take the Hunter out of Astera, but you can't take the Hunter out of the player.

Pokémon Shirts Pop-Up Store Opens In Japan, With Designs Of Original 151 Species Available

These amazing Pokémon shirts are available for browsing this weekend only!

Epic Games Announces Fortnite World Cup, With US$30M Prize Pool

Epic Games' battle royale just got a whole lot more epic.

Real Life Final Fantasy 14 Themed Wedding Now Possible In Japan

Who wouldn't want to say "I do." in front of a giant Moogle?

Soulja Boy One-Ups His Gaming Ventures To Start An Apex Legends Esports Team

Time to Superman the Esports scene.

Anthem Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back With Huge 5GB Day One Patch

Mass Effect Andromeda, is that you?

Huawei Mate X Foldable Phone Leaked Early At MWC 2019

A next challenger for foldable smartphones has arrived.

Women Take The Helm In Ubisoft’s Upcoming Skull & Bones TV Show

Arr, matey! Female pirates are sailing the high seas.

Meet KFC’s New Colonel RoboCop, We Kid You Not

Prime Directive #4: Finger lickin' good!

Sony Slowly Winding Down Production Of Their PlayStation Vita

We might be bidding farewell to the PS Vita real soon.

Top 5 New Anime From The Winter 2019 Season To Watch

Five brand new anime for you to enjoy!