Geek Bits

Join Luffy In His One Piece Puzzle Hunt Quest To Become Pirate King On Sentosa This Holiday

Hunt for the missing Straw Hat Pirates and burn calories!

Black Desert Online Welcomes New Archer Class Update

It's time for the bow and arrow to shine.

Rules of Survival Ushers In New Ultra Version

The battle royale life never stops.

The Flash’s Teasing Finally Pays Off In 2019’s Crisis On Infinite Earths

Can we not just time travel to 2019 to watch it?

Ultraman Takes To The World Stage With An American Reboot

The giant silver alien is set to save the world once again.

KFC Wants You To Dip, Dunk ‘N Share This Christmas!

Get set for Christmas with KFC!

Command & Conquer Veterans Announce New Conan Unconquered Game

Conquer the unconquerable as Conan makes a comeback.

Slay Monsters As Geralt In Monster Hunter: World’s Collaboration With The Witcher 3

A familiar monster hunter enters the fray.

Iconic Anime Saint Seiya Comes To Netflix

Please don't canonically genderbend Shun, Netflix.