Geek Art

Mad Max LEGO Doof Warrior & Wagon is Badass

The Coma-Doof Warrior, immortalized as LEGO.

Singapore Lego builders create incredible cross-section of Millennium Falcon

The Force is clearly strong with these Singaporean Lego and Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Day 2015 Singapore: Geek Art

Hang up the ultimate geek chic for the home.

Anime Style Star Wars TIE FIGHTER Short Film

What if there was an Empire-focused short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of...

The Simpsons Intro in Glorious 8-bit Pixels

Enjoy this 8-bit pixel art tribute to the opening title sequence for The Simpsons!

Fan Fiction Short “Dante’s Redemption” is simply WOW

The Dante's Redemption fan fiction short was conceived a year after Tal Peleg had started working at Naughty...

The ENTIRE Star Wars: A New Hope done in Minecraft

Some guys went all out and are making the entire Star Wars Ep IV movie in Minecraft. Check...

Attack on Titanfall: Mash Up Animation!

That's right, if you're a big fan of the Attack on Titan anime series, and the Titanfall game,...

The Ultimate Pop Culture ABC’s

Animator/Illustrator Jeff Victor has been busy over the last two weeks, bringing us geeks his ultimate iteration of...

The ultimate “Ode to Geek” artwork

Behold, PJ McQuade's ultimate tribute to the geek culture, an exceptionally detailed print designed for Geek Generation, the...

Highly-detailed Peanut Heroes!

Now why didn't I realize this before? Peanuts are the perfect shape for creating mini figurines. Steve Casino...

Goku vs Superman EPIC Battle via Flipbook Animation

Son Goku vs Superman. Who wins? Watch this EPIC battle via Flipbook Animation like you've never seen before!