Geek Art

Fan-made R2-D2 and Gundam mash-up made us wish it was real

Have you ever wondered what the love child of Star Wars and Gundam would look like?

Exclusive Star Wars BB-8 Droid Necklace that Spins!

This is the .925 sterling silver pendant you've been looking for, and it even spins!

Geek Worthy Pixel Art by Gustavo Viselner

Time to sit back and admire some wonderfully detailed pixel art from some of our favourite movies and...

We Want This Millennium Falcon Asteroid Chase Coffee Table

Personalised coffee table recreates iconic moment from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

36hrs to Get Your RIPT Apparels (5 Sep)

Our friends at RIPT Apparel has just released 3 geek worthy new tee designs, going at only US$11...

Amazing LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama

Get a load of this action-packed custom LEGO diorama by Korean professional LEGO building team, OliveSeon.

Make Your Own Sci-Fi/Pop Culture/Video Game-Themed Shirt With Uniqlo’s UTme!

The Japanese conglomerate just launched its t-shirt design-making app called the UTme! on July the 3rd in Singapore....

Singapore Photographer Shoots Amazing Star Wars Wedding

This is the geeky wedding photographer we have been looking for.

Purassic World, because the Internet Loves Cats

The folks at Khan&Kittens did it again, and replaced the dinosaurs in Jurassic World with cats. That’s all...

Mad Max LEGO Doof Warrior & Wagon is Badass

The Coma-Doof Warrior, immortalized as LEGO.

Singapore Lego builders create incredible cross-section of Millennium Falcon

The Force is clearly strong with these Singaporean Lego and Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Day 2015 Singapore: Geek Art

Hang up the ultimate geek chic for the home.