First Wave of Pop Culture Personalities For STGCC 2016 Announced

Combining everything fans like from both East and West, here are some of our more anticipated showings announced...

The Wrong Way To Name A Chinese Super-Man

DC Comics is trying to create a Chinese Super-Man but they cannot even get his Chinese name correct.

Epic Papercraft of your favourite Geek Characters!

Time to make an entire army of your favourite geek characters out of papercraft!

Doujima 2016 – Singapore’s Biggest Ever!

It just gets bigger and bigger.

The Inaugural One Piece Run Singapore 2016

What would make you crawl out of bed before 6am, to go for a run?

Goku vs Street Fighter 2 and kicks everyone’s butt

What happens when Goku from Dragon Ball Z decides to challenge Street Fighter 2 characters to a brawl?

Geek Review – Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

A murder happened in a locked room within a research lab on an isolated island. Who is the...

Toyota’s New Ad Campaign Turns Car Parts Into Anime Girls

Japan's premiere car manufacturer is going moe-bile with its new (and educational?) ad campaign.

Win Tickets to the Inaugural One Piece Run Singapore

We've got a pair of tickets to giveaway for the inaugural One Piece Run in Singapore come 6th...

Fan-made R2-D2 and Gundam mash-up made us wish it was real

Have you ever wondered what the love child of Star Wars and Gundam would look like?

So THIS is how you sell a Toyota to Gundam geeks

Toyota Japan sure knows how to sell their Gundam-inspired car. Check out this anime commercial for the new...

The Evolution of the Joker – Infographic

Explore how the Joker has evolved over his 75 year history in cartoons, TV, movies, video games, and...