Assemble For Infinite Pleasure With These Avengers Sex Toys!

Nobody wants to be left behind on the Infinity War hype train, and we mean nobody.

That include adult toys.

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Oh sorry, did we stumble? Among the impressive list of Infinity Gauntlets and themed merchandise, there truly, really, lies a collection of sex toys, with names as ridiculous-sounding as you would expect.

Enter Indulgers: Pleasure War, a cheeky, quirky, and…interesting spin on the name of Marvel’s greatest movie yet.

Following their Star Wars sex toys in 2017 , Australian sex toys maker Geeky Sex Toys strikes again, this time with the Infinity Fist as the main star of the collection.

Standing proud and tall, the fist-shaped reinvention leaves nothing to imagination. The dildo is even encased in gold, with a huge girth to boot. It’s obviously not true to size, because unlike the Mad Titan, human beings have limits – size, stamina, or otherwise, and while it won’t grant users omnipotence and omniscience, the raw power of the fist is bound to give them infinite pleasure.

Accompanying it are the Captain Anal and Arse Reactor butt plugs, a Black Widow-branded fleshlight known as Agent Getsmeoff (they are going real literal here, huh?), The Incredible Dong, and the most puzzling of all, the HawkAss arrow-shaped dildo for the more…uh, enthusiastic individuals.

Let’s just say we pity the other party.

Most of the names are undoubtedly cringe-worthy, but we have a winner in that category. Presenting the Moan-Inir, a witty take on Thor’s Mjolnir, with a dildo for the handle. It does makes for pretty good camouflage, barring the rounded, familiar end of the handle, so collectors can get pounding…covertly. Not that we’re recommending that, of course. 😉

In the meantime, here’s where you can catch the real Infinity War hype train.

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