On 14th March, we mentioned we had 25 pairs of special access passes to The Amazing Spider-man 2 Red Carpet Event and Press Conference in Singapore to be given away!

So here are the 25 winners! Congratulations! You each receive a pair of passes (yes, you get to bring along a friend!) to the event:

• Des Goh
• Eliqah Chia
• Edis Chan
• Mark Khoo
• Boo Shangyou
• Ian Purnomo
• Fabian Chew
• Xing Qi
• Wayne Ree
• Suhaimi Sujangi
• Jillyn Koh
• Victoria Micaiah Luel Ng
• Sophia Lee
• Raymond Liw
• Jia Cong Goh
• Edward Anthony Lim
• Zeri Yulo-Ong
• Belle Lim
• James Tan
• Ting Chow Ling
• Muhamad Ilyas
• Dexian Wang
• Johari Jasni
• Yuvaraj Uthaman
• Nabilah Desigual

If you did not receive the Facebook notification of your win, please drop us a direct message via our Facebook page here, and we’ll get you sorted.

Drop a Facebook comment below!

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