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LEGO Almost Life-Size Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite, made out of 10,000 Bricks!

Nathan Sawaya is a professional LEGO artist and former LEGO Master Model Builder, and he just spent 3...

Star Wars Opening Crawl in HTML and CSS

Remember that famous Star Wars opening sequence before every movie? Yup, Tim Pietrusky recreated the famous opening crawl...

5 Things to catch at STGCC 2013

5 Things to catch at STGCC 2013 if you are in a hurry.

Win a mystery geek package delivered right to your door!

Nerd Block and Geek Culture are joining forces to help celebrate the launch of the world's most epic...

Chris McVeigh’s Geeky “Brick Sketches”

Author, illustrator and photographer Chris McVeigh's latest Lego creation is quite something.

A Surface Pro and a Geek

Ok, I finally got my hands on a Surface Pro, and spent 7 days of geek fun with...

Spruce up your geek den with this AT-AT powerbrick solution!

This AT-AT manages all those messy wires that spawn from your table's power brick. Beware of random snowspeeders!

Vader’s Regret – By Pablo Stanley

This short comic made the hairs at the back of my neck stand for a moment. Source: http://www.stanleycolors.com/2013/06/regret/

Watch the entire Star Wars: A New Hope, in an animated GIF

No time to watch THE cult classic? Then watch the entire Star Wars: A New Hope (minus the...